We had a huge amount of snowfall this weekend. Had about 10cm (4in for non metric users) and the city along with its neighbouring places had as much as 40cm (15in). There are two stories related here... and I'll start off with yesterday. 

I stared at the window from my driveway and kept asking myself how I am going to shovel the damn snow. It looked gorgeously white, the North wind continuously blowing, and it was almost watching snow scenes from a movie. When I worried about shoveling last year, I raised my staff (shovel), closed my eyes, and waited for the Red Sea (white snow) to part. A voice came from behind me who was my then neighbour holding his own shovel.

As I continued staring yesterday, I heard a rapping tap on my door. I have new neighbours downstairs. Missionaries from Fiji. Whatever their mission is, I don't really know, but they wanted to know if I have a shovel.

See, we do get heard.

Earlier today, I had to drive to the city. The highways have been cleared but there are still snow drifts here and there, and the wind hasn't relented. I like going through the back part of the highway and not #1 just because, well, no cops. A quarter part of the highway, driving with my music on, my rear end started swerving. Ahhh... ice. Slowed down. And it passed. So vroom vroom faerie goes again. Midway, it started its rear swerving again. Very slight, almost unnoticeable when you're singing. Slowed down...  but this time, the swerving became wider. Slowed down some more, yet the swerving kept getting stronger and literally, my rear end was from the edge of the highway swaying towards the middle. I knew what was coming. But the question is, how the friggin hell do I stop it from happening?!

I don't know really. I wasn't born here and snow is mere postcards for faerie many moons ago. I slowed, I swerved, and on its last hurrah, the last note with my blaring music... my vehicle turned a complete 360° across the highway... all the way to the ditch. Piles of snow ransacked my vehicle and I stopped spinning. I know it was a 360 since I'm facing the same way I was headed. And the first thing that came into my mind is to call - call where I'm going to and tell them I'd be late. Then I got distracted by my wipers, all swishing left and right, my signal lights blinking. Really? I would have to call them now?

Two Good Samaritans stopped and the last one, a Mike, offered to drive my vehicle out of the ditch. Let it be known that I tried. Reverse, drive, reverse, drive... and I could almost reach the highway and come to a standstill. He did the same, and got the same results. So he drove further out and back at higher speed and would almost make it to the top... and there faerie was, holding her phone jumping up and down. He didn't make it and I was crushed.

He came out from my vehicle and told me to hop in because we could drive through the ditch over the next intersection where going up wouldn't be so steep... y'know, where they usually put up signs. And vroom vroom we go, getting nearer to that intersection... and voila... we made it!

I wanted to cry. Really I do. But I'm all shaken up, my nerves are wired up, and I wasn't certain what to do or react. After all the thank you's, he only said to 'pay it forward'.

Well... faerie wouldn't actually shovel someone else' driveway; I have a hard time doing mine! I surely can't drive any car that gets stuck and might end up burying them even more. But pay it forward, he says...

Heading back home, I stopped at Tim's where the drive thru is ever sooo long and so I went inside. A homeless man called my attention asking for coffee. I think he's homeless; maybe a bum. It doesn't really matter. What matters is to pay it forward. So I got him a cup of coffee and a bagel to go with it. Abruptly he thanked me and went inside the coffee shop. Sipped his coffee and gobbled a bite off the bagel, and found himself a seat. Guess he was really cold. And hungry.

Now I sit with ringing in my ears. People have been telling me that sometimes the effects can manifest itself after a few hours, or after a few days. I hear voices often enough... so I guess the ringing isn't as bad. Think it's a reminder for me that paying forward comes back to 360°.

And now back to work... =)
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Sylphy, how terrifying. (I don't know how I missed this story Monday - dang EP.) *Mary is not a good snow driver either, but I think we get a lot less snow than Canada* My car was swervery, and it turned out to be that the tires were worn. It was even slipping in the rain. Maybe you should check your tires? I'm not sure what to look for. And, maybe it was just the snow and ice.

I'm glad you paid it forward. That's a good philosophy.

You've been busy, MissMary! You're here, that's what matters. =)

My tires are new. Got them exactly a year ago. Was really the icy roads, and probably driving a bit faster than I should.

He was driving home one evening,
In his beat up Pontiac
When an old lady flagged him down,
Her Mercedes had a flat
He could see that she was frightened,
Standing out there in the snow
'Til he said I'm here to help you ma'am,
By the way my name is Joe

She said I'm from St. Louis,
And I'm only passing through
I must have seen a hundred cars go by,
This is awful nice of you
When he changed the tire,
And closed her trunk
And was about to drive away,
She said how much do I owe you
Here's what he had to say

You don't owe me a thing, I've been there too
Someone once helped me out,
Just the way I'm helping you
If you really want to pay me back,
Here's what you do
Don't let the chain of love end with you

Well a few miles down the road,
The lady saw a small cafe
She went in to grab a bite to eat,
And then be on her way
But she couldn't help but notice,
How the waitress smiled so sweet
And how she must've been eight months along,
And dead on her feet

And though she didn't know her story,
And she probably never will
When the waitress went to get her change,
From a hundred dollar bill
The lady slipped right out the door,
And on a napkin left a note
There were tears in the waitress's eyes,
When she read what she wrote

You don't owe me a thing,
I've been there too
Someone once helped me out,
Just the way I'm helping you
If you really want to pay me back,
Here's what you do
Don't let the chain of love end with you

That night when she got home from work,
The waitress climbed into bed
She was thinkin' about the money,
And what the lady's note had said
As her husband lay there sleeping,
She whispered soft and low
Everything's gonna be alright, I love you, Joe

~ From the song "The Chain of Love" by Clay Walker

Awww... Sci serenaded faerie... *throws popcorn from faerie's window*

I'll wait then when my coffee and bagel will come free?

I post beautiful lyrics about kindness and all you want is free food?

But it's 360°! Free shoes...?

I'm supposed to give you shoes that you will undoubtedly just end up throwing at me?

Give faerie shoes then gets thrown back at ya... equates to 360°!

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That was a lovely story thanks for sharing, It cheered me up knowing there are still kind people like yourself out there.

Thank you, LL. Very kind of you to say. =)

I'm glad you're safe. And I loved your story, there is really still some good left in this world. Pay it forward :)

Thank you, Mag. I refuse to believe the world has turned bad. We only need to open our eyes... and stop watching the news. x p

Wow Sylphy - I don't know how I'd cope with driving in a lot of snow! I think the simple fact is that I just wouldn't - scares me to death. Snow for me is a pretty postcard affair - actually having to function and travel in it is another thing entirely - no thanks! But in my part of the world I hardly ever get much snow anyway ... it's pretty rare.

As for the pay it forward thing ... I love it, and it's such a great thought to have in the back of your mind as you go along day to day ... it makes the world a much happier place. The old guy must have been very happy with his coffee and bagel from a kind faerie!

I don't know how I cope either!!! And really, why the heck do I keep coping? Think this is a wake up call, a sign... this didn't happen just because I was busy singing in my vehicle.

I continue to pay it forward. Don't mind a bit when it becomes a habit. =)

"Pay it forward"....that is what makes the world a better place. So sorry to read that your ears are ringing... :-( but at least you are safe, and experienced some of the really amazing people that are out there, somewhere......

Be well, stay warm.

Thank you, Dinah. Paying it forward beats any friggin' cold day.