Today I Experienced An Act of Kindness

I love kind people.  I consider myself also, to be very kind.  I like to treat others as I want to be treated.  I went to Wal~Mart today and in the parking lot, I had an act of kindness.  I was putting my purchases away in the car.  My son was sitting in the cart.  A lady came up to me smiling very wide.  She stood there for a moment watching us.  I told her to go ahead and get into her car since I was putting my things away.  She said it was ok and she'd wait and she said she would take my buggy back for me too.  I told her that was really nice of her and thanked her.  I put my son into the car while she waited for me, then she took my buggy across the parking lot and returned it.  She said it was acts of kindness week.  It was really nice of her.  You don't find many people like that anymore.

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Yeah, definately, it gives you much more hope in mankind and the goodness of people. I'm like that too like holding doors for people and trying to help when I see an opportunity to. I wish we had more love and kindness in the world. My brother's ex could really use some of that.

It is a simple act of kindness from a stranger that can sometimes make all the difference in your day.

Yes, there aren't many running around, which makes them not also wonderful and beautiful, but sort of rare anymore. Too bad it has to be that way.

i love kind people. i think they are wonderful!