You Can Tell Whose the Best.

Kind people are the best.  In times of need or pleasantries, they can bring sunshine in your life.  It can be a smile which almost always make things better.  A kind deed has many times made my life easier.  Some people are just there for you, even without being asked.

There was a time in my teenage yrs I was put in different institutions at the age of 15.  I remember a staff person bringing me their their home as a kind gesture.  Him and his wife introduced me to classical music and gave me a home made meal.  Or the time a staff took me snowmobiling.  Even at age 51, I remember these still.  I would do anything to say Thank You face to face again, and let them know how much of a difference they made in my life.

To all the kind people who made a difference in my life, Thank You!

WarriorMom WarriorMom
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God/Goddess blesses us all with the compassion and love of their devineness within us all,,,we can bring them light and love and it can help them remmber where they all came from,,,mary

Thanks flourlady ***Smile***

Yes DD it is true Warrior MOM and you are great I agree!

yep, me think.......

Thanks Dew, I agree. Sharing conversation sure would be interesting. I love learning from others experiences too.<br />
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Thanks to you too c8, I hate to judge also but sometimes I wonder .......

It's true....a challenging life can make you see more clearly the things/people we are grateful for.<br />
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Being grateful is something some people NEVER get even with age.<br />
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Unfortunately it has also made me a bit intolerent of people who whinge about the smallest least 50% of EP.<br />
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More power to you sister......hugssssss

Please don't take this wrong but I think people like us are lucky. The most interesting people in the world are people who have been challenged over and over again and have not only survived but have flourish. <br />
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You are one of those people and you are one that I would love to have dinner with and just talk with.<br />
Who wants to waste time with someone who has not had the opportunity to really live life? Ok we were forced to have an interesting life. Whatever, interesting it is! ..DD

Thanks Sweetie.

So many sad stories these days!...So happy to hear a good <br />
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