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I know, amoung KISS fans, this is considered one of the band's big flops.  But I want to say that this is one of my all-time favorite KISS albums.  I was blown away by the concept of it when I first bought the album, back in (I won't remember this right) . . . well, sometime in the 80s.  I thought it was a beautiful, incredible piece of work.  Didn't fit into the hallmark of what fans were expecting of the group at the time.  But who cares, I say.  It's an awesome album anyway! 

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Thank-you, Rachel1386. Funny to discover we're already in one-another's circles, then turn out to both be KISS fans, eh? That's so cool! I like running into people who are still fans of this band.

I respect your views completely Eli, it is about the music. Good taste by the way.

Thanks for your feedback. Compared to their other work -- I must confess to have not heard every album by KISS, though I've heard most of it -- this one landed in left field, as close to a concept album as you'd ever see this band make. KISS re-hired the producer of their most popular album, Destroyer, in the hopes of regaining that magic. Fans didn't care for it, though. <br />
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It wasn't until years later, really, that I heard those reviews. As I said, I thought it was really well done.<br />
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As far as popular opinion goes, I haven't followed that since my late teens or early twenties. And that was mostly with the old Top 40 music charts. I bought the popular singles I liked (which almost everyone else liked, too -- Van Halen's "Jump," for example). And, though I liked some popular groups, like The Police and Duran Duran, I wasn't a die hard fan of either. The groups I became a die hard fan of, I enjoyed because of their music, not the personalities fronting those bands. <br />
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I watched a lot of television while growing up, too, but didn't adore any actors or actresses so much as to undertake a study of them. Growing up in Edmonton, I read a lot about hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky. Yet, again, my admiration for him was kept at arm's length. Obsessing over celebrities, athletes, musicians, and the like, just wasn't part of my make-up. I didn't need it for status, nor to 'fit in.'

Eli, this is one of my favorite bands, up there with ACDC, they know how to rock it.