Sonic Legacy?

What is wrong with Archie? How come they can do something so great like the Sonic Archives, Sonic Selects, and Knuckles Archives, and follow it up with a B&W version of Sonic Archives and a magazine style version of Sonic Selects? Isn't it just the same thing over again? Why are they wasting the ink, paper and money making reprints when they've already made really nice reprints for an affordable price? Why can't they use that paper and money and ink to print a massive fan art collection, or to make - god forbid - a new Knuckles series! I realise Knuckles isn't statistically as popular as Shadow, but to the long time fans, Shadow was kinda a lazily thought up character. Knuckles has some real personality and story behind him, ESPECIALLY in the Archie comics. I want to see more of the other Echidna's too!
AngelaDark AngelaDark
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2011