the Racist

Just saw the tape of Kramer (Michael Richards) going off on the African-American members of the audience at the Laugh Factory. It was NOT funny. A few sentences might have been excusable if there was a punch line-- there was none. This guy was unleashing invective hate that was obviously built up inside of him.

A nutcase, and very sad-- his character was nothing but lovable and this will no doubt taint every episode of Seinfeld that I ever see again.

Shame. I posted the tape on the "Media" tab for those that want to see it. Warning: It's not pleasant.
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2006

This is the first time we have heard any sign that this very public person is a racist. We cannot label someone from a single act. I believe he was upset at being continuously interrupted by this individual and simply lashed out in the most offensive way he thought would get to this guy. If it was a chinese guy, the comments would have been fitting for a chinese, and a fat guy would get fat guy comments. If you interrupt a guys act by making comments and then you get one back and you can't handle it, then you should reevaluate whether to be rude first or not. In short: If you can't take it-Don't give it. -Or cry about it when it comes back to you. Trying to get paid for being [counter] offended is a ridiculous scam. The crybaby wanting to get paid because he was offended is just evidence this rude individual hasn't any respectable moral or ethical stand in this incident. He got what he desrved and should take it and learn from it. Next time if he doesn't like a show. He should leave it quietly with rspect to the others watching. What a selfish *******. PS. Why is a black man 10 times more likely to cause a ruckus in the middle of somebody's show than any other race? Think about it. These are the facts. Can you live with the truth?

It's a shame that people act this way. I don't believe Michael could control who his parents were any more than the targets of his rant. I don't like how easy it is for some to look at another person and assume they know who they are.