Unfortunately, Too True

I became a fan of Michael Richards when he was a regular on abc's "Fridays", an SNL-style competitor back in the late 70's, I think.  It was before "MadTV" and the other copycat live skit comedy/music shows.  He was hilarious, and was even better as Kramer.

Now, I have no further use for him as a celebrity.  I wish him well as a person and hope that he learns more about himself from this episode, but in my opinion, he gave up his right to his public celebrity when he spewed all of that hatred on stage.  I feel the same way about Mel Gibson.  We could talk for hours about what rants, whether drunk or not, really mean in the scheme of human nature, but the fact of the matter is, we, as a species, have been so racist for so long, only by fighting these urges can we overcome the hatred we have picked up in our lives.  If we start letting anyone get away with it, no matter how sorry they are, we'll never evolve beyond this primitive behavior.

Sorry, Kramer, you're out.
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Whatevs. All's fair in love and stand up comedy . It's not like black comedians don't say racist stuff all the time. But congratulations you brave folk for joining the Cause Celeb, you pioneers, you intrepid few. ;P

"Fridays" was where I first got to know Michael Richards' talents, too. My favorite skit he did was when he played a little boy playing with army men in his back yard with his sister (?) played by Melanie Chartoff. They were so over the top, it was great. When Fridays was over, I also liked watching Wolfman Jack host "Midnight Special". All of the musical acts were the spark for MTV and music videos, I believe. Anyway, thanks for the post and bringing up the good memories.

I loved Michale Richards on the show Friday Night? Or Friday Live. It was the 70's I was there I don't remember well. Loved Him on Seiflield still do.I relate to your convictions..I don't know what he said, I do know that I don't use a shampoo because of their commericals.

AFAIREYE, sorry for your self-esteem issues, I did not mean to tread upon your toes. No, I'm not perfect, nor do I have the market cornered on anything. I, just like you, have an opinion and I state it as accurately as I can. Sorry if that threatens you. Hope you come to feel better about yourself. Just a clue before I go: if you have to resort to name calling, your argument or position might be a bit weak. Thank you for the comment, I hope to hear from you again.

Hey - guess what? He was onstage - during an act - and people who were heckiing in the audience became the center of this unwanted and rude attention! Was it rude - Yep! Were they open to any kind of statement - Yep! Take the chance at heckling and watch out. Buyer beware....

I've heard people joke around and call each other racial slurs. His rant was different. He MEANT what he said. So sad.

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