Not a Racist-but Knows How to Retaliate

This is the first time we have heard any sign that this very public person is a racist. We cannot label someone from a single act. I believe he was upset at being continuously interrupted by this individual and simply lashed out in the most offensive way he thought would get to this guy. If it was a chinese guy, the comments would have been fitting for a chinese, and a fat guy would get fat guy comments. If you interrupt a guys act by making comments and then you get one back and you can't handle it, then you should reevaluate whether to be rude first or not. In short: If you can't take it-Don't give it. -Or cry about it when it comes back to you. Trying to get paid for being [counter] offended is a ridiculous scam. The crybaby wanting to get paid because he was offended is just evidence this rude individual hasn't any respectable moral or ethical stand in this incident. He got what he desrved and should take it and learn from it. Next time if he doesn't like a show. He should leave it quietly with rspect to the others watching. What a selfish *******. PS. Why is a black man 10 times more likely to cause a ruckus in the middle of somebody's show than any other race? Think about it. These are the facts. Can you live with the truth?
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My points are well made, and from what I can see, you have stated yours as clearly as can be done. I should point out that in reading your posts in various places, I fear you may still have some racial resentment or even hatred within you. I was especially offended by your reply to willieboy38, when you capitalized the 'boy' in his username. That could be construed as a racial slur, but that is willieboy38's call, not mine. It still sickened me.) I do understand your points of view, I just do not agree with them or their racist tone. The use of racial slurs CAN be equated with murder, because it gives rise to an acceptance of hatred that makes many, many murders possible. Jesse Jackson has begun a dialogue with Michael Richards, and from first appearances, he is seeking long term counseling for his anger problem, as well as a self examination of his racial mind-set and why he would explode like that, going on a verbal attack against the unruly patrons of the Laugh Factory. It would seem that even the actor in this incident realizes that his mea culpa for the outburst, most especially his use of racial slurs and derrogatory imagery (lynching), has led him to see a gross error in what he did, and even he does not consider his use of that language excuseable in any way, shape or form. I feel validated at this point, and perhaps we should see what comes next from the mouth of Michael Richards. It should be interesting, and hopefully, uplifting.

If the table was turned, how would a white person feel if you told a black comedian on stage that he wasn't funny and that black comedian in return CONTINOUSLY called you white trash or an anglo saxon???? THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Food for thought.

I do not think any of us know Richards enough (personally) to judge his entire persona. His comments were out of line, but it is not an act to cause a racial war. Richards lost his temper, and it happened to be directed towards a black person. It could have been anyone, and he would have found something negative to say about them. So bottom line is, he lost his temper, which was unprofessional, and name called. I, too would have left the show if I had been insulted. To blow this out of proportion is someone just waiting to jump on the podium and attack. Let's remember "sticks and stones...!" We also should keep in mind that celebrities are only people, with the same feelings as anyone, ergo, Richards losing his temper. We all lose tempers and say what we feel will either hurt, or hit home. I have watched Def Comedy Jam, and there are many derrogatory, stereotypical comments made against other races, this is accepted and considered funny. So, is the difference okay, when it is done in humor, opposed to anger?<br />
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BTW: Trying to make money from it, is not only ridiculous, but shows a personality of someone trying to make money for nothing. Not a very good personality trait.

Comparing offensive words to the act of murder is quite silly and leads me to believe you have difficulty judging levels of right and wrong. I should stop now that I know this about you, but will entertain anyway. The young black gentleman was also offensive with words. Could he also be a murderer? Do you see why introducing the thought or making that sort of connection lacks cohesivity? What you have missed in my earlier comment is, that after Micheal was so blatently effended repeatedly, he simply responded with words that had the most bite possible fto retaliate against the offender. He knew these were hateful words and used them to hurt back. It's obviuos you did not get that though it seemed to be clearly stated. The "N" word is just a word and surely has much less meaning to blacks of today as it did when racism was more widely recognized as a prolific component in our society. This is evident in the way tey throw it around amongst themselves. Lastly, I used a round factor of 10 in my "statistical data", to clearly show that figure is not an official one demonstrating you are less perceptive that you even know. Not acknowledging that black people are often louder than or disruptive than other social groups demonstrates a lack of consciousness and or acumen Maybe it's denial altogether. Wake up sir.

Wow, I hardly know where to begin. Okay, this was one incident. I suppose that somebody who has never killed before gets a walk on the first murder? Also, your racism is thinly veiled, especially at the end. Where do you come up with the ridiculous stat that a black man is 10 times more likely to interrupt a show....I would love to respect your intellect, but any fool can pull facts out of thin air to give himself the air of authority. Unless you cite a credible study showing this, you only hurt yourself by puffing up your statement this way. Lastly, the "n" word is NEVER a valid weapon to use against anyone. It is known as a racial epithet and takes any confrontation, regardless of origin, to a new, lower level. BTW, Michael Richards gave up his right to any 'professional' respect when he stooped to this new, lower level. It is everyone's loss.