What Happened to Security In the Club

I can see how Kramer could lose it!  If there was heckling going on or loud talking during his show, where was the Club Security when they should have approached the problem group and stopped it right away or asked them to leave if they weren't enjoying the show.  Is it a question of the almighty dollar?  It started out as disrespec for one individual who was there to entertain and ended up with a small group of ignoramuses ruining the night for everyone.  I totally blame the club for allowing this nonsense to continue to the point of no return for Kramer.
nancyjodanec nancyjodanec
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5 Responses Nov 25, 2006

This guy has been in the spotlight for many years maybe not so much now but I'm sure he's been heckled before. If racism wasnt in his heart in the first place it sure as hell would not have came out of him mouth. I do agree that securityshould have been there to stop the heckling.

Michael Richards' use of a racial slur is unacceptable regardless of how the incident started. It is NEVER okay for a person to refer to a person of another ethnicity by a derragatory slur. I do not back up the hecklers at all, they are fools and should have been dragged out of the club by anyone who wanted to hear Richards' routine. The second he launched into a hateful, racial attack, he lost any high ground, as well as his career.

You are so right~there is a third party at fault here. All three could have been better in this situation. But I do know who started it. Doesn't everyone else?

Regardless if kramer was heckled or not it is still appalling for a white person calling a black person the N word. richards was suppose to be a professional, he's a public figure. He showed his true feelings during his anger which goes to show the repulsive bigot that he is.