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  • I am not one to pass judgemet: there was no foreseeable reason for such an outburst of raw ues of the [ N ] word. Yes ,we uderstand comedy is comedy,and some of best, and funniest skits have been projected toward people of opposite race by people of opposite race. And for the most port I believe people [ generaly ] are not offended by racial skits. lets start to look at things for what thay are and stop justifying and excusing things we know to be wrong. O.K. [AFAIREYE] there was no he being constantly interrupted. so lets not put put LABELS on people,thay belong on can-goods. As for [AFAIREYE] and those who may have the same view...TAKE OFF THE ROSE COLORED GLASSES. and to see things the way they really are. because the [N] word  Is not like anyother word and should never under any circumstance be used.97% of the people there was not of [ethic-descent] and were offended...HELLO! My hope is that richards will sincerely search within himselt.people are-so that...or has gotten so that thay think is  all they have to do to undo A wrong is to publicly apologize. which I can respect, but to me dos'nt meen anything if you are not adressing whatever you're apologizing for.Lets look within ourself... see it we are really the kind of people we should be striving to become.To any one who puts LABELS... on other people be careful you may be [LABELED] A racist.





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4 Responses Nov 25, 2006

The Laugh Factory is one of my usual spots and I can't help but to think about the incident with Richards everytime I go there. I've actually written a research paper about Michael Richards and it is clearly obvious that his outbursts was destined- he is an avid racist! I feel bad- not because I am African American, but because ppl still think this way. I don't understand how can someone live in America and be racist?

Yeah, what you all just said... Who wasn't a fan up till that racist outburst? Now I just feel sorry for Richards. But there is a very real hostile racist environment out here & alot of racists are cowards who gripe among themselves mostly, it seems... Maybe 'Kramer' is frustrated in his career? Struggling with insufficient talent? Something. I don't know. It Looked like he felt he was in a roomful of like-minded sympathizers, but he got a suprise instead. So there's always hope. You wouldn't want an ultimately decent, salvageable person to be supported & encouraged in something foul. Micheal Richards should be glad he got a bad reaction from his audience. I know I am.

nellybelly and brooks, amen and amen. It is a 'one person at a time' solution, and if we are honest at every turn, and aren't afraid to stand up and say what is really wrong, that is another step down this very long road we are all on. You both are truly taking the high road, and I applaud you for that.

Awesome point of view. I could not have said it better myself. We have to stop making excuses for wrong doings. I'm Black and I have no desire to throw Michael Richards to a pack of wolves. The guy needs help for his Rage and Racism. Admiting that he has problems is the first step in healing....