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Whether he is racist or not. He is an entertainer and hecklers is a downside of the job. To air your personnal racial feelings in a public setting like that is totally UNPROFESSIONAL. What about the members of the African-American community that just came to see a comedian whose talent they happen to enjoy. All the appearances with Black leaders such as Rev Jesse Jackson, etc. Just will not help because black leaders do not speak, nor do they have the concensus of the mindset of the Black Community.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2006

Since when is free speech no longer acceptable? Why is it so bad to like or not like a certain race or creed? That is what this country was built on. People came here because they were different. If we all thought alike the pilgrams would still be in England. How do you think that Richard Prior got famous? He said things that stirred up people. I do not find fault with anyone that speaks their mind. I would rather do so than be afraid to speak. We've bought into this political correctness crap and now we have to listen to how wrong everyone is to say what they feel. Richard didn't stab or shoot these people. It's a NAME prople! That's all it is. I find it hard to belueve that nobody has said how wrong these people were for heckling. It's like you see on COPs all of the time. Some black person steals a car, gets ran down and then says that they're the victim! Give me a break. Jesse Jackson and his love affairs. Al Sharpton and his group smeared human crap on young black girl. They wrote racist things with the crap and said that it was done by white men. (Did you forget this?) I'm tired of this. I fought for this country and will not walk in fear of what I say or how I feel.