He Is a Racist

he has got to be a racist because when racist people get mad they say racist things. If he wasnt a racist then he wouldnt have resorted to using the word ******. Then he tries to play it off, there is no way to play off a white person saying the word ******. It is inexcusable, and watching that video made me sick. And his apology was anything but, he danced around the topic then he attempted to say sorry it made me angry.
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 27, 2006

when i first saw the video i couldent believe my eyes he said some very hash things and then tries to appolgize and to top it off during the appoligy he was calling the people he offended "afro americans"

Michael spoke from his heart. He spoke as a true representative of America. There were people in the audience who were not offended by his remarks. Yes, I am always hurt, when white people make derogatory remarks against African Americans or any other ethnic group. Hurt yes, angered yes, surprised NEVER. African Americans have been abandoned in Louisiana, called ugly names in Los Angeles and shot dead in New York. Is Michael sorry, only from the money he might not make in the next few months, but don’t worry nobody is going to take Steinfelt off the air because of this incident. The real question is, how long, and in what year will African Americans be totally accepted in this country by our fellow Americans. Apparently, it will not be in the year 2006. God, help us all.