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The only thing I don't like about this is that the famous "N" word, cannot be heard coming out of anyone's mouth but for African Americans.

I am of latin descent, I do not call myself ANY of the demeaning terms that exist, and don't expect anyone else to call me that either. It doesn't make it less so if I use it. So if it is such a no no, the word should be totally eradicated. 

It makes me think of the "I can call my mom whatever I wan't but YOU can't" game; if I say "my mom's a *****" and then someone else says it, I very well cannot get offended can I??

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i must agree it seems one sided if a white person says racist things the book is thrown down hard that person is classed as <br />
evil yet many races black/asian etc all have racist things they say to and about whitesand others im not racist just dont understand why they can say offensive things and we get in so much trouble for it many times jail

Yes, he is a racist, and yes the topic was about him, but isn't it lovely how one topic can start another interesting, and worthwhile topic?? Amazing...

I am a "cracker" girl too, even though I live in the city. I have heard several different "acceptable" uses of that word, and I think it's all a bunch of hooey! If you don't like the word, don't use it. Don't say it to your buddies, don't say it about yourself, just shut up about it already. I come from a very diverse family of African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Italian, Mexican, and some crackers thrown in there all by adoption, and guess what? We are all the same. We bleed, we cry, we laugh, and so on and so forth. I know that if I don't want to be called something, I sure wont call myself by that name. You can't place exceptions on words. 'nuff said from the cracker.

I think that the "N" word becomes a dreadful thing which others think is offensive especially of and by colored people...but i believe that it is still just a word...and if you do feel being offended by it or have used it to offend someone, thats another's very subjective to the point that people of any race have used it and be affected by it....i mean, fear of the word itself only increases its effect...word doesnt have an effect on people, but its the other way, if youll be affected by it, then youre undeniably clinging to this selfish world of ours and all its cruelty....may i end that the world should not expect so much from, dont let anyone or any word destroy you. The only thing that matters is you - "cogito ergo sum" (I think therefore I am)

I understand what you mean to a point, yet I am confused. When you wrote: 'The only thing I don't like about this is that the famous "N" word, cannot be heard coming out of anyone's mouth but for African Americans.' I guess that this can be viewed as being true based on how the word has been casually used by African Americans. I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but by me being of 'african decent' I do not use the famous 'N word' in my vocabulary because of it's meaning and original intent. So no matter who says the 'N word', it is offensive and degrading. The primary focus of this discussion is Kramer's behavior which was disturbing and offensive because the 'N word' is an insult to a whole race of people. The reason I am confused by your comment is that I don't see where you find any fault in Kramer's behavior; which is very alarming being that you are of 'latin decent'.

I'm glad someone had the balls to say that! But I figured noone wanted to hear it from a " cracker " country girl!!lol