Nothing Much Has Changed Regarding Racism

When my son was 9 we were at a check out counter in a convenience store and my son had been looking at the toys display next to the isle and he comes up to me with tears running down his face and I say what's wrong did somebody tell you to move? And he said that man, pointing, told me to go back to Africa. I looked at this A who was about 56 years old!! I couldn't believe that he had victimized my 9 year old child! I went slap off on him and made him apologize to my baby. I guarantee you that he wouldn't have told me or an adult African American male what he he told my defenseless child.  It was my childrens first brush with racial discrimination and it's a life long lesson. Then just last year I was locked out of a bus station in MO while the 4 whites were allowed to remain inside. The white manager said he escorted ME outside because he was closed but he didn't escort the whites outside for that reason. So only the African Americans have to wait outside of a locked facility because its closed but the whites can remain inside until the manager sees fit to let them out. I filed a racial discrimination complaint against the company and my complaint was ruled unfounded". A white individual did the "investigation".  My case is still pending.  I haven't given up the complaint. The NAACP has been a massive disappointment!  It took over a year, several phone calls and certified letters before they even acknowledged that I had contacted them and then once again nothing. I thought that they were here for justice for the victims of discrimination.  This ignoring of my situation won't stop me though because that manager put me outside like I was a dog and locked that door and enjoyed his power for that moment.

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1 Response Nov 29, 2006