Pot Meet Kettle, Kettle Meet Pot....definite Anger Issues..

Okay, what he said was horrible, degrading..you name it but this was a rant of an angry man, saying things (as we all do) that would have the most affect, be the most hurtful.  He got out of control...he needs to learn how to deal with his anger more appropriately, seek help.

As far as what he said, in my opinion, ****** is a word that should be stricken from the all languages.  This word would not be used nearly as often as it is, if it were not for black (African-American.??) focused entertainment using it all the time.  My daughter had never heard the word until she started listening to hip-hop/rap and when she was going around singing to the songs, singing the n word, I had to sit her down and explain racism and why she could not say that word.  UHMMMM, wonder where these racist ideas come from sometimes??  I realize this is not always the case, I am a "Southern girl" and have grown up around ignorance and racism",  but do we have to continue to feed and water it so it grows like a weed and kills all the good around it.

I did want to clarify my classification of black or African-American??...in our house we call them people, as well as everyone else.  When my daughter asks if someone can come over to spend the night, I ask to speak to her parents but I never ask "What color is she?".  When YOU meet someone do you honestly look at what is the color of their skin?  Please remember it is not the color of someone's skin that makes the person, it is what is inside them that makes them someone you want to know or someone you can live without knowing.  God bless to all (no offense to anyone..I love you all).  Peace out.


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1 Response Dec 9, 2006

i so agree with you people are people no matter what give people a the same respect you want