South Dakota Is Racist

when i first moved here with my two bi-racial sons five years ago, a drug store with a national chain, would say "code 500" everytime an african american came in the store. when i went to complain to a manager they sent a young african american male out to talk to me. i couldn't stop myself from asking him what self-respecting black man would allow such behavior and cooperate with it? it has been a journey here but hopefully south dakota is diversifying
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2006

The pendulum swings both ways....Many of those families in the boonies have historically had their fair share of racism towards them as well especially those families which were forced to leave Russia. This is not to say that their reaction is validated. But it does shed light as why some groups of people tend to band together in a defensive manner.

"Code 500", huh? That is disgusting, and if I hear that anytime, I'll ask questions about it. Of course they won't admit to anything, but it will make them think twice about it. It can be lonely out in the boonies, but as far as diversification goes, I think you helped that equation just by moving there with your family. Hang in there.