In My Humble Opinion

i have read pretty much all of the reactions to mr. richards opinion is yes, he did say everything out of anger, and this does not necessarily make him a racist, but the odds are that he probably is at least a little racist, if not totally racist. maybe i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, i don't know.

all i know is that i think that in most contexts, the n-word is very hateful, even when used in contemporary rap.. i think that not everyone understands what it exactly means, or implies, or the history behind it. if they do, then they should re-think why they are choosing to use it (in any context)...

i will be honest and say that i probably don't know all that much about the history of the word, but i will also say that as an Asian American, i don't go around calling my Asian friends "chinks" or any other name like that....

that is my personal choice,  i can't look down at other people who chose to use words like the n-word to refer to each other.

i will also say that not being African American, i will not ever know what it is like, but i have experienced racism, and i would think that anyone else who has experienced it would want to become educated and not use derogatory terms...

but this is just my humble opinion 

quietrocket quietrocket
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2 Responses Dec 17, 2006

I have to say that I was very disappointed in Kramer. I am a 43 year old African American who almost adored Kramer. So I'm more hurt that her turned out to be one of the ignorant white people in the world. I can't even watch my favorite charater anymore. I love Seinfeld and still watch it (that's how much I love it) but when it comes to Kramer, I can barely stand to watch him anymore. He's just not funny, he took that great laughter in my life away. Oh Well!