YES, and I Have...

YES, and i have said it before. His pathetic behaviour IN PUBLIC, leads me to the only conclusion that in PRIVATE his remarkably disgusting thoughts, which so easily spued out of his mouth, when he TRIED to be a stand up comic, JUST came out of PURE anger and hatred. IF he can say this in public, and even IF Jerry Seinfeld publically anounces that he had never seen any racist behaviour in him, during the time that Seinfeld was beind produced .... NO ONE knows what lurks in the minds of others UNTIL they PUBICALLY announce it so beautifully that they are CAUGHT to be the racist that they are!! On Seinfeld, he memorized and performed OTHER people's words, and to his credit he did it WELL, but in the grande scheme of things who the hell cares if he is a good actor, TERRIBLE stand up comedian, when his true *colours* show, that he is an angry man, full of hatred towards other people. I can NEVER watch him the sameway anymore, as I can not enjoy ANYTHING Mel Gibson has to do with and sadly i am finding it hard to watch one of my favourite program's *Grey's Anatomy* due to the homophobic CRUEL remarks Dr. Burke made, nah i cant remember his real name. I would love to see Grey's Anotomy actually fire him, and replace him, since he has now done this TWICE!! Any actor is replacable even in a HIT show, Lord if they can punish Iams then why not the REST of them!!

Sadly despite ALL of this, part of me does question, and i admit, this may be WAY off the wall .... if these displays of public ANGER, are being fueled by this unfortunate Iraqi War? Are people getting so frustrated with this unfortunate war, and PLEASE do not think that i DO NOT embrace the brave women and men that are fighting, with what appears to be no questions, as i OBVIOUSLY BLESS THEM in every way possible!!  ...... BUT ...... could some of the rants, raves, anger, shootings, be a way of some people ventint their anger about a war that they feel is so out of control that their anger is coming out via different venues? This by no ways excuses ANY other DISGUSTING behaviour that we are seeing ..... but does anyone else wonder if they are even remotely related?

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Oh yha, I forgot, when was there ever a REHAB for racists??????

I agree with your story about Kramer! I wasn't a big fan before that but when I saw a re broadcast of what he said and did I was flabbergasted!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It's always interesting how they come back later for the good ole public apology which is probably forced on them by the network that aired the show in the first place!! I have no respect for the man now at all! What a pig!