Cake And Eat It Too

black commedians routinely use the word "******". consequently, it should be no shock if a white commedian uses the word. but he should be prepared to get his but kicked outside of the club!! I was routinely called cracker and white paddy as a kid (unprovoked). racism is not a one way street. if michael richardson had found a way to use the word without so much anger, it might have gone over. he should not have apologised to anyone. they will never accept his apology to begin with. black "leaders" stay in power by whining about their perception of rasism, in other words, they want blacks to remain victims and losers in order for them to remain "leaders" it does not matter to me if a particular black person does not like me, and it should not matter the other way around. like yourself from the inside out, and know who your real friends are--don't worry about what somebody else thinks about you--especially when it is often just your perception of what you think they think, and not really reality.
brad86 brad86
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1 Response Dec 25, 2006

Since there is a history of whites enslaving blacks, you can't compare "cracker" to "******". It is the same reason that you can't wear a swastika in Germany. Why this remains a mystery to white america just does not make any sense to me. Dislike whomever you want, that is your right. The black community is not helped in the slightest by their use of the word '******'. Whites don't help by thinking it is okay for them to use it.