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I dont think the man is Racist just because he tells some jokes or calls ppl names! I mean realy yall cant sit here and say ya havent said something racist ur self.. even if u didnt or dont think it was now or at the time u said it. I mean honestly if u **** someone off that person is going to say hurtful thing to whoever pissed them off! I think ppl take things way to serious now a days, ya cant say a damn thing with out it getting under someones skin. I have friends that are black and i say "Whats up NIGGA" all the time. So because I used the word nigga does that make me racist as well? Who cares how i used it  its the word that counts right?  If we go that way then the guy he was bashing is racist as well cuz he called him a name as well.. a couple "Racist" words to be exact! So it goes both ways. Just stuns me on how many ppl get all freaked out when a famous person says  something but non of ya would say a damn thing if u was walking down the street and saw two ppl going at it like they were, you would just sit there and watch.
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3 Responses May 25, 2007

Oh my dear young child, your email that you sent to me was an attack and if you like i will post it here to see if other's agree with me. My point was, and i did preface it with *it may be off the wall* but perhaps you did not read that part, but it is a KNOWN FACT, that when people feel HELPLESS in a situation, they often DISPLACE their anger. Perhaps that is something you have never heard of, but maybe you might educate yourself about displaced anger, it seems you display a bit of it yourself. if telling me tht i am *off the wall* is not a personal attack, then you should also educate yourself on that issue as well. It doesn't surprise me that you think he is funny, he actually was in Seinfeld, but as a stand up comic he can not even handle one hackler without spuing out hateful and yes RACIST remarks. As for taking courses on conflict, sadly my child I have, it typically is called conflict resolution, which is why you do not see me assinate your character, you actually do not need my help as you seem to do that very well all on your own. So if your purpose here is too continually degrade me, like you did when i stated i as clinically depressed, than go for it, obviously you are an angry person and feel the need to DISPLACE your anger, for some unknown reason on me.But while you continue all you do is show your real character, which to me seems like instead of attacking others you would best spend your time in figuring out why you feel that this type of behavior seems to be ok with you. Either way, sadly you are your own worse enemie, and before you continue to try, without luck, to hurt me, perhaps some self examination would be in your best interest, Also if you continually chose to degrade me, as you did in respects to my clinical depression, I will happily post your email to me, which you ironically think does not attack me, it might be interesting what other people think. i will add one more point, one man and I totally disagreed about the O. J. Simpson verdict, I did not care that we disagreed on each other points of views. Unlike you, we both discussed our opposite opinions WITH repect and integrity and became friends in the process, so you see i have no fear of people who disagree with me but i have great contempt for someone who know nothing about me, pathetically emailing me and essentially calling me an idiot. There is no way that we could ever learn from our opposing views when you are so disrespectful. BUT i wish no ill on you, just simply sadness for a person who feels that belittling other's makes them feel superior. Hopefully this is just a sad chapter and stage in your life. Be well!!

I didnt attack u!!! I was just letting u know that u are off the wall.. with ur comment about his actions haveing anything to do with the war. The way he acted had nothing to do with the war.. it was him lashing back after the men continued to disrupt his act time and time again. I find the man funny as all hell. I read what i wrote and I didnt contradict myself. PERHAPS u should take a course in dealing with conflict urself.. seems how u cant handel it when some one dose not agree with u and say they attacked you. My goodness.

Interesting Moody, in your very first sentence you seem to have contradicted yourself. PERHAPS you should read what you actually wrote instead of attacking me.