I Think Its Great...

...He obviously has deep rendered racist feelings toward african americans...the reason I think its funny is that he couldnt control himself...but at the same time it is freedom of speech..if it was part of his act then big deal...blacks call eachother ******* all the time-dropping the "er" off the end is no difference...so if they can use it in their acts and movies then why is it so bad for a white skinned person to say it..derogitory or not...bottom line..it's just a word..its obviously a negative word but nonetheless it's still just a word...thats my story and I'm stickin to it..
Cifer Cifer
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 31, 2007

Oh well said atmore, nicely succinct.

White people are here due to colonial expansion, and have set the tone of civilization to this day. Blacks came here against their will and as property. As society has become somewhat enlightened, efforts have been made to undo the wrongs of a century of slavery and abuse. The white backlash (that continues until this day) coined the term "******" and has used it with disastrous effect. Your point of view, at best ignorant and unconscious, and at worst racist in itself, ignores this. Using the "N" word is not okay, is never okay, and although I grow weary of explaining this again and again, I do not have an alternative choice. You are wrong.