Get Over It

I've got to admit that there was a time when you could really make me mad just by saying the wrong thing, but wait, was it really the wrong thing or did i just choose to take offence so that i could beat the hell out of someone. Think about it, first of all this is america the free where you are supposed to be able to have an opinon, and we all know that we all have different opinions about everything, now can you also imagine that if everyone had a gun and was allowed to shoot dead every person that said something that we didn't like, how many of us would be alive today, and you can believe me when i say that everyone has something to say that someone else isen't going to like weather it be extreme or just a mild comment, remember the old saying [sticks and stones], look, if you don't like what you hear from someone, say something back of equal value or leave or laugh at it and i'll tell you what, if you let it bother you then all you do is fuel the fire,if you laugh it off and walk away then it goes away, and that is all there is to it, do i think kramer is a racist,? no i don't, was his comments in good tast? i don't know, i didn't catch the entire show, but i will say this, in all of our lives, we will all at some time or other say or do something that isen't going to please everyone, if it is you, please, think first,no matter if you are on the inside looking out or outside looking in, don't let what someone else says or thinks turn you into the idiot, just get over it.
MrKnome MrKnome
56-60, M
Feb 7, 2007