Speak Up

It is extremely frustrating to see people struggle.  I think if people spoke up and said what was really on their minds, then people wouldn't be so unhappy because they didn't know where they stand with people or in situations.

Communication is THE key in moving forward in anything.  In personal and professional relationships and in goals.  If you cannot communicate or are unwilling to communicate, then you are only hurting yourself.

People really need to learn to communicate, gently with compassion, in order to be understood.
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5 Responses Oct 8, 2011

ANd if people wern;t so judgemental about what people thought, or their opnions.

i'm agree with all you say but it is really difficult when you try to say something and the others don't pay atention to you.This make me feel really bad and this also has caused to me a block of my opinions in different situations when people discuss with eatch-other. Because they like only to speak and they don't even listen to what you say and if you pay attention everybody of you will notice this thing

Communication isn't just about speaking, it is about listening as well. It goes both ways.

gosh, tell my husband that... ugggh... (ー_ーメ)

Actually, you should tell him. If you talk and then stop, he will wonder and then he will talk.

If people would only speak and only read but, unfortunately, they do not.

True. Communication is THE key and gently with compassion would be the best way to do so. Great posting.

Thank you.