Unspoken Words

Mind games

If you are trying to communicate with someone to work out a problem. Before the crap hits the fan! They are playing mind games in order to keep from having them hurting you for not telling you. You are lowering yourself esteem. People are always going to be more interested in themselves than you.  It's a fact of life.

Nature of  their selflessness. I think people come from families that lack this communication. The person who truly respects you, will tell you exactly how they feel these are the kind of people I have around me. They feel to say no and be your own person. To have opinions and respect each other . So nothing is misunderstood. Out in black and white.

I have learned to forgive these people for their lack of communication. For not celebrating your worth. After all it took me a while to believe in myself.  These are the people that know the skills of communication are worthy of my time.

So I reject people who do not come out in plain English and say how they feel. True feelings, they do not belong in my life.This is not a friend till they learn to value these skills.

They do Not belong in my life ... Is not a True friend... Will never give you anything worth keeping I always have more power and more strength than you realize. I am always "braver" You deserve what you give!

Allow others to Speak their minds, live their lives, disagree, leave and enter your life when they want. Assume responsibility for your failure to not communicate, than things never get out of control. Always remember people can not read minds, yet" we are Free to speak so attacking and confusion does not cause anger. Seek our best to stay on the path that promises the greatest spiritual success. It's called communicate! These are the people I want in my life! Till they learn these keys. I have no respect for them till they do~ not stones thrown by immature knowledge from the back ground of acquaintances . The person should speak themselves. "It takes two to tango" Two sides to every story!

For LOL i'm glad my wife and I have these values! ;)  "Treat others how you wish to be treated"
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Agree it's better to be stabbed in the front,not in the back..................

i agree with what you say but it's really difficult to say always what you think because even if the person which is in front of you is your friend he or she never accept what you say they try to give you millions of reasons that you are wrong or maybe they get upset from you.for this reason i think a lot before i give my opinion to my friend this doesn't happen with my sister i say to her everything i think all my opinions and sometimes she feels bad but eventhough i countinue to do this.

Gorgeous 20 years WOW! you are an expert so "true" xxx<br />
<br />
I hate "Silent treatment" rude :) "wish you both happy anniversary" another 20 hehe

I see at the bottom you say you are married how long?

been together going 20yrs this june..2 yr married , and you?so i know about communication..thanks for reading comment!

I understand this too, even if you speak a foreign language.We all have to at least know how to say (YES or NO) agree! After all to get on this site spelling a few words must know .I think they are selfish!immature.Need to grow up not act like the victim.My wife we are going through a divorce she gives me the silent treatment! I tell her if you talk we might work things out.This goes on years. I give up!Not spending the next years in this!

well some ppl have reading problems some times i read back wards too :)

Hon you are so smart, hope you are better they lost a great friend hugs Carl

Exactly! Great post! :)

So very true Candy.... For me growing up it was a place where if you have something to say stand up and say it, have the courage to say what you need to say, it may not be the popular thing to do but then again being your own person and marching to your own beat is not always the popular thing to do. It does clear the air when you say what is on your mind and the people that you tell that to are open minded enough to listen. Then work on the issues together.