I immediately fell in love with this woman! She was already sweet, funny, compassionate, kind, BEAUTIFUL... I could go on and on. Then I find out she and I share the same name and my heart exploded! Honestly she just kept getting better and better! She has got the looks the personality the charisma.... You'd have to be crazy not to be absolutely smitten by this GODDESS. She tried denying it but it was a lost cause xD ... The word beautiful does NOT do her enough justice..... gorgeous, attractive, beautiful, alluring, comely, magnificent, glamorous, wonderful, majestic, affectionate, lovable, thoughtful, .... there aren't enough words to describe her! Now I'm rambling Dx. She's just an overall beautiful person inside and out and I'm glad to be a part of her circle. ❤‿❤

PS.. Rory I'm not being silly just stating the universal truths.
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Jan 20, 2013