I Couldn't Have Got Through Without Being Able To Laugh.

Between 2005 until 2008, I had 18 Neurological surgeries in a row. The first one was to revise my LP shunt to a VP shunt, the surgery went well and I was elated when 3 days after-wards I got to go home. After that anything and everything that could go wrong did. I got meningitis several times which required shunt replacement, I also got Staphylococcus Aureus  infections, the end in my abdomen kept coming loose, more surgery, then I got Ventriculitis and MRSA ended up in a coma and nearly died, more surgery, then another sub temporal decompression on the other side. In a toal they all came to 18 surgeries, and I got to be a familiar fixture on the ward.

Now if I didn't have a sense of humor, I don't think I could have got through all that on strength alone. I managed to see the funny side in most of the things I had to go through while in the hospital, and some of the things weren't pleasant, but I managed to find the funny side to most of them. The constant IV's which were either in my arms, wrists, ankles and feet, the picclines I had because my veins were worn out, even down to having diarrhea induced by the strong IV antibiotics, and having to be bed bathed and toileted. Most of the time I looked like a marionette with the IV's in my wrists and ankles, which meant I couldn't see to myself toilet wise and often ended up with a male nurse.

I even managed to have a laugh with the other patients which made the time in hospital more bearable as I was often there for months at a time. So I absolutely agree laughter is the best medicine as well as good for the soul. Being able to laugh kept me positive and sane, and I know it's what helps make me who I am!

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You are so Blessed! Your being in positive disposition makes you have all this kind of strength you needed during those surgeries..makes you feel fine and smile at all times...<br />
My precious son has this kind of attitude too...he will have his head surgery also soon..i pray that everything will go well with him.