The Talking Dog

I was taking a walk one afternoon when I passed a tree with this sign, "Talking Dog 4 Sale".  Being the curious type that I am, I went up & knocked on the door.  A moment later I was looking at a middle aged man & a Beagle type dog sitting beside him.  "I saw your sign on the tree", I said  "and was wondering what it was all about."  I was quite surprised when the dog spoke up.  "You see", he began, "I realized I had this gift when I was just a little pup and when I was old enough to leave home, I took myself over to the CIA and offered my services."  "They hired me and I was sent overseas to Columbia where I became the pet of a big Drug Cartel."   "I would sit at the feet of the leader and listen to all their plans.'   "I would then at night I would sneak off & phone my boss here in the States & tell them what was going on."  "After a couple of years I was homesick, so I quit & came back."  "I still needed a job, so I went to work for the FBI."  "Now I sat at the feet of the Don, and calling in my report every night."  "One night it happened, they found me out!"  "When I saw the gun, I took off running as fast as I could, but still, I got shot in the hip."  "Well, I'm on disability now, but you know what?"  "No, what?"  I asked, fascinated by this story.  "As we speak, Hollywood is making a movie about my life!"  "Really?" I said, and looking at the dog's owner, I asked, "How much do you want for him?"  "Twenty bucks." he answered.  Flabbergasted, I said, "Why only twenty dollars?"  "Cause he's a bit fat liar," the man exclaimed.  "He never did any of that stuff!"
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I told that story to MY dog just as you told it to me,,, I don't think she got it because she didn't laugh at the punch line,,, she just layed there and licked herself...Every time I try to lick myself like that I fall off the couch... Maybe she doesn't under English!!! That does it Monday English lessons...

Be very careful! You might be sorry at what she has to say and you think her whining when she begs is irritating...?

LOL - dog share a nice story !

And cats smile. Glad you liked it.

LOL :)<br />
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Dogs laugh too. :)