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Just A Rant.

It's not as easy a desire for some. But, honestly, I just wanna be me. What I see in the mirror is not what I wanna be. I'm tired of living for others. I always have other peoples opinions in mind when making the smallest decisions. You have no idea. I can't even buy deodorant without worrying about what my family would say on the matter. And it's not like I live with the most critical parent. My dad, the parent I live with, is the most accepting, nicest, funniest parent - scratch that- PERSON that I know. I'm more like him personality wise than anything. Why I still behave as though I'm under constant attack emotionally is beyond me(I'll get into THAT later). I wish I could just stop being afraid. The fear is debilitating my ability to shine, I feel. My chances fly past me as if to say, "Where the hell were you? We needed you back there!" I'm getting off topic. Like I said, this Is a rant. Nothing done out of rage seems to make sense with me. Then again NOTHING makes sense with me nowadays.
Menick Menick 13-15, F Jun 16, 2012

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