All In A Mentally Disordered Day!

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, or as they used to call it, Multiple Personality Disorder. I have 31 splits, that makes us 32 people in one head. You can imagine the cramped feeling for everyone. Sometimes these trapped, cramped up feelings can incited some of us to do some of the darndest things,  Like the time, I was heading to work I had about a 35 minute drive to get there. I was about 5 minutes from work, when I closed my eyes and opened them and I was at home lying on the couch, watching TV with a great big bowl in my hands that had in it chips, cookies and HoHos, not just one either, but 3 Hohos. My 13 yr old girl  and 16 year old boy, kept giving me side-glances and laughing. I got up, put the bowl on the table and said, "Ok, what's up?" My girl says, "You should go wash your face", and they both bursted out laughing. My hands went up to my face and I didn't feel anything strange, so I ran to the bathroom with my two kids trailing after me laughing. It wasn't my face at all. It was my hair. OMG!!! My HAIR!!!  Now, I'm a natural red-head with a freckled face and fair. My hair was pitch black with electric blue highlights. I was shocked.   Apparently, When I was 5 minutes from work, my 17 year old girl self comes out and drove straight to the salon, where we got out hair done, had a pedicure, stopped on the way home and bought a hugs load of junk food, went home and plopped on the couch, where she watched tv all day till the kids got home from school. Then she pops back inside, thrusting me back out into the unknown, leaving me to deal with the aftermath.  Funny, right? This is just one, in many, of my days as a Multiple.
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holy moly, wow how long ago?
the other still get to pop in? and take control?

That was in 2001, so 11 years ago. There were quite a few years of people popping in and out without any warning, but now we work as a team and we can now function on the outside like a singleton, but on the inside there's alot that goes on that no one ever knows about. That's why my first hour in the morning and last two hours at night are for me, alone. That's our family conference time and it is what keeps us working as one. (most of the time anyway). :)

i have always talked to myself, but your my dear take it to a whole new level. very impressive you can do what you do. WOW

I know the call it a disorder, and at first it surely seems so, but once I began really getting to know each part of me, we work together in the greatest order. I think the title of my book someday will be. "From Disorderly to Orderly"

Another thing is. That if every person talked with themselves as much time as I do. We would all have a greater understanding of each other.

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Oh my. I hardly know what to say in the face of so much suffering that has caused you to develop this condition. You have written about it superbly and enabled someone like myself who has never experienced anything like this to have an insight into a very different way of experiencing life. What I find particularly interesting is the delay in your consciousness between being in one location and being in another. And yet, in spite of all this, you are able to work? I sincerely applaud you; you are a most remarkable woman.

I don't work anymore. I lost a few jobs over little ones coming out. I've received disability for 3 years now and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you for the applaud, I am a remarkable woman. It just goes to show you, that NOTHING life can though at you can keep you down, unless you let it. Thanks perserver. In the future I hope to write more funny stories that happened along our healing journey, even though at the time they weren't so funny.