Crazy Night *smile*

Sitting here in a ...dumbfound state of mind from lots of holiday cheer, filled with an overabundance of laughter! ...remember, I was the shy one that covered her smile cause of a couple missing teeth. Which stopped most laughter! But, I now can laugh out loud!

My crazy night was perfect, fine food, all the spirits you could consume, game playing that filled the soul with laughter, to a fun-filled night of dancing... Great band!! I am thinking ... I must begin my day of making and baking of candy and cookies. BUT... from all of the above activity, my mind is rerunning thru the happytime of last night. awwwww! I feel a great joy....Yup... fun, laughter, friends, music is the best medicine this woman could of took for her overworked mind and body.. & moodness.

I feel allll better now!

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1 Response Dec 17, 2012

I attended my work shift's Christmas party yesterday morning (we're night shift), and I'm glad I went. I'm pretty moody at work, but this helped break some ice between me and my co-workers. I felt great there, and great while walking through the city from the party venue to the train station to home. I know just what you're feeling at the moment.

Thanks for your comment. it's nice to see both sides of your co-workers....isn't it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.