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Cats, a Photo Montage For Fun

 I just wanted to share some of the laughs I've been having this evening.





















c8lorraine c8lorraine 56-60 22 Responses Jul 2, 2009

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Absolutely adorable lol, I love cats, and have 2 of them, so thank you for making my day, and I can't stop smiling, lol. Although I love all the pics I have 2 fav, the library one, (because I love to read, and have a huge home library) and the other one is, "I'm not angry" to cute , hahaha !!!

Very nice !

awwwww, that was exceptional. im still smiling. thanks lorraine

Yeah....I have a cat who walks on the top of a neighbour's fence and *teases* the big dog next door.<br />
<br />
My fav .... the John lennon / Harry potter glasses

I liked the confident kitty..cracked me up!

Great fun. Thanks.

my favourite....I love you...FOOD

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! :-)

glad you enjoyed them

Laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes!

My cats keep me amused, and *obsession*...yes I'm there.

If I got into taking photos of my cat-- well there is no end of funny things he does. It could easily become an obsession--just watching him is a real time consumer--Thanks for those great pics :) gryfnn

wawoo.. real cat walk . lol...<br />
<br />
cute sharing..

Yes! A big fan of this happy site !

I see that you are not only a cat person but a fan of the "I can has cheezburger"site! I try to go there every day for a happy fix. Always makes me smile, chuckle or even laugh out loud. Thanks for this. I love the lirary one.

very cute!

This was a hoot !

wow these are funny i like the one that says "now thats self confinence" :D

I enjoyed the pictures and the comments very much, thank you

This was worth the stop & look

These pictures are so funny, where did you find them?

Great collection going there.