isnt bout avoiding feelings..i think just wanting to feel ok.laughter is one of the best medicines ..when im sad i always try to find something to laugh or try to do something for others to smile.when others laugh is the best gift.


and something for above 14+

hahaha :D

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As someone who is feeling so sad it can't be measured, I thank you for offering a suggestion. I am going to find things to laugh about. I HAVE BEEN READING LOTS OF OTHER SAD STORIES HERE AND ONLY WORSENING MY SADNESS. I want to laugh and smile. You may have just turned this around for me.

yeah,thanks lorraine*

Laughter produces the hormone Oxytocin which is the *feel good* hormone.... so you see there IS a physical reason why you feel better when you can laugh !


I love this story, amyMA, thank you SO MUCH.



glad u like it

love the picture and the story too there's a group called love finding funny pictures is my favorite experience

yeah koyptakh ,wednesday -big day!:)

Hi amyMA

I agree. Humor is a great way to feel good. Sometimes people cry and then start laughing - it is like a cure if you can do it. Wednesday!



omg rog,is that true?=/ *suprised*

I always love that dog with the fan!!!

Those pictures are fun. I definitely agree - even though I once read a story about a man who laughed so much at a comedy show on TV that he died. He was probably unwell anyway. What a lovely way to go!

i will look lorraine,thanks..

hope it made u smile,lv :)

Angel, you are so selfless,

I learn from you, from now on I'll try to make others laugh when I am sad.

Love your post

love the elephant!!!

thank you AmyMM the dog in front of the electric fan reminds me of my cats these past few days during our heatwave.

I have a few *laughter stories on my profile.... you are welcome to look them up for a giggle

u r welcome*:)

Awww the beagle with his ears flapping is adorable...and funny..thanks for the laugh! :)

hehe :D

Awe sweet heart how cute Lov this made me smile laugh thank you! ~XoX~ hugs! Honey!!

:D :D :D :D :D *tickles*

amyMA, it's 4.00am, and for sure I am going to fall asleep smiling tonight.

Thank you for the gift of laughter... hope the elephant doesn't give me nightmares.



Night2 --



When I am ill, sometimes with migraines, I listen to stand up comics. I get them from Netflix. With migraines I can’t look at the screen but I can listen to the jokes. It helps…DD