it totally blows my mind how people can do such horrible, heinous things to hurt--even kill--animals and walk away from it with barely a slap on the wrist. purposely bringing harm to any living thing should have majorly serious consequences. there was a case i just heard about on the news yesterday of a dog that was tied up and abandoned. fortunately the dog was rescued and is fine, and they're currently looking for the culprits. animal abuse/abandonment is a felony in this state, and i really hope that they do find those responsible and come down on them HARD. i think anyone who could simply ditch an animal like it doesn't matter is capable of doing even worse.

there's a family right down the street from us who had a cat they no longer wanted, so they tossed her outside, locked all the doors, and when she pawed and scratched and cried to be let back in, they turned off the lights and ignored her. fortunately our neighbors were kind enough to take her in, and she now lives the life of a princess with them. now these people have a dog that they barely pay attention to.

here's the thing: if you don't want to take care of pets, then don't get them in the first place. i mean, come onnnn--"we didn't take care of our cat, so let's get a dog instead and then not take care of him either!" hmmm, somehow i don't follow that logic.

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While he's whining, he'll remember he should have beaten people instead of animals.

Come to think of it, maybe no.

I agree with LazyFox. But maybe killing his whole family is a bit too much.

They should receive the same pain that they delivered to animals.<br />
If you killed a hundred of baby seal with a bat to the skull.<br />
Then we'll make sure you die on the hundred hit we're gonna strike.<br />
Oh, and we're going to kill your whole family.

Its pretty sickening to see how some people treat their animals. Sometimes I wish that animal abusers should get the death sentence - eye for an eye. I love all animals and have almost been "taken out" when I have tried to defend them...I literally see red when I see animals being abused.