My First Leather Skirt.

I had been with my future wife for a few years. She new of my fetish for leather, and knew that when she wore her leather skirtthat there was only one thing on my mind.
So just before Christmas we went shopping, and yes she wore her leather skirt that went down to her calves. Sexy long and tight around her bum and thighs. Also she had on her knee high leather high heeled boots.
I must of really got to her because she said that if I didn't shut up about her in her leather then she would buy me a leather skirt and keep onto me. Now at this point I hadn't told her about my cross dressing and would love to have a leather skirt. So I kept on pestering her on how horny she looked and how much i needed to take her.
The next thing I knew we were in a leather shop and she was looking at leather skirts. Now I was wondering if she was going to embarress me by letting everyone in the shop that the leather skirt was for me. She asked me what size my waist was and I told her. She chose a long leather skirt the same length as her's. She took it to the sales desk and paid for it and as the sales girl handed it back to her after putting the leather skirt in a bag. My future wife out loud said Happy Christmas.
Red with embarressment I left the shop carrying the leather skirt in the bag.
We had finished our shopping for the day and so went to the car. Just as we left the Town she said aren't you going to try it on then or wait till Christmas day to wear it in front of everyone. So I took the leather skirt out of the bag and changed. Took my jeans, boxers and socks off. By now I was shaking with excitement and it was noticed.
your really enjoing this aren't you she said.
Yes I replied.
Good she said.
As I pulled the leather skirt on the feel of the satin lining against my legs was unbelievable. The sensation of the skirtbeing pulled over my bum was out of this world as was the feel of the leather skirt being pulled over my ****.
I was so pleased that i could close the snap and do up the rear zip. The skirt was lovely and tight around my thighs and bum. Siting in the passenger reat the skirt rose to my knees, and a bulge in the leather where my **** was throbbing against the leather skirt.
Wow she said I can see why you love leather so much and especially a leather skirt. She the began stroking my leather covered thigh's and the bulge in the leather. That's it she said pulling off the road and along a small track in the woods that we were driving through.
When the car had stopped and the engine was turned off she immediately turned and kissed me on the lips while caressing my **** through the leather skirt. At the same time I was caressing her thigh's through her leather skirt. She pulled the hem of the leather skirt up a bit so the leather wasn't so tight and grabbed my **** through the leather and slowly began to work her hand up and down through the leather skirt. By now i was in heaven having a gorgeous looking girl totally in leather wanking me off wearing a leather skirt. Just as I was about to *** she stopped and took my leather clad **** in her mouth and sliding her mouth up ans down my leather clad **** carried on.
Wait I said as I let the back of the seat down and she knew what to do. Puling up the hem of her leather skirt and me pulling the rest of my leather skirt up to just above my **** she climbed on top.The feeling of entering her with us both wearing leather skirts was so intense that it didn't take me long to ***, but the sound of the leather creaking and groaning as the leather skirt's rubbed against each other with each thrust from the both of us and with my hands firmly holding onto the waist of her leather skirt kept me hard inside of her. It was a good job it was now dark and the track deserted as she began to moan at first quietly and slowly then she speeded up and the sounds that came from her got louder and louder until she collapsed on top of me. Kissing my neck and cheek I whispered to her Merry Christmas.
After we sat in the car and I told her about my cross dressing and that it was a fantasy come true what had just happened. She said she enjoyed it to although she initially thought it would be a bit of fun to try and wind me up, but had to admit that she enjoyed it so much that she wold love to do it again but not now.
Then still wearing my leather skirt came the questions. Was I gay. No I said truthfully. Did I fancy men> No again I answered turthfully.
I explained that I was straight just that I enjoyed wearing fetish women's clothes, But this was the first time I had worn a leather skirt and had enjoyed it beyond my wildest dreams. She admitted that she had a fetish for leather just look at what i'm wearing she said . I thought it was to get me going I said. No she said not just for you but for me as well she said.
We are still married and that is how I came out to my wife about my cross dressing. We still have leather sex to date and I can still fit into my leather skirt. Although it is now one of many.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Lucky you. I had to buy my first leather skirt... granted no one knew of my desires then since i was 16 and kept it hidden. since then i amassed a great collection with only one being bought for me., the rest i bought myself.

many thanks. Yes I know i am very lucky to have a wife that is strongly into leather and other fetish clothing, and loves me wearing female fetish clothes.

That is a very erotic and heart-warming story to about finding your leather female soul mate!

Thank you