I Think Leotards Are Beautiful Garments

I enjoy wearing a leotard. I find them to be very comfortable.  The fabric is quite soft.  I found a  nylon plus sized leotard at the Danskin web site and ordered several.

Last February I decided to wear my long sleeved white nylon/lycra leotard the day I was going to the tax consulting appointment.  The leotard stretched nicely over my white bra and panties and felt so smooth. My bra lines were very clearly visable.   I decided to wear jeans over my tights.  I pulled on my women's winter boots. 

 It was still winter so there was a chill in the air.  I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a hot cup of coffee and had my big womwn's winter coat on.    I arrived for the appointment with my tax information and there were two volunteers.

  I was assisted by a woman who said nothing about my crossdressed attire.  I sat down in a chair across from her, and pulled out the pad of paper with the questions I wanted to ask.  We introduced ourselves and she commented about how many years she had been voluntering.  She printed off a couple of tax forms and we discussed the information needed to fill in the forms.  I had a couple of additional questions which she quickly answered them. 

All in all the session went very well.  She invited me back later should any additional questions come up. 
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sexy gurl

I couldn't agree more - leotards are great fun! It's only recently I've discovered a good 'supplier', so I get man-shaped leotards in wonderful colours, lycra, spandex... As you say they feel good when tight, are warm and comfortable. :)

That is wonderful. Can you share the name (web site URL) for the supplier?

Sadly their website is under construction since they are a relatively new business. 'Fablas' is a family business in Wales, UK, where they do these and other underwear 'made to measure' out of lycra, spandex, metallic fabrics, etc. They sometimes have things on ebay (fablaswales) and e-bid.

I can't recommend them highly enough. I have several leotards from them and every one is an absolutely superb fit and well made. If anyone wants their email address, message me here and I will send it (can't put an email address directly in this post). Say 'Chris' (me) recommended them to you - it will help everyone.

Hi Chris, Why not describe the leotards in a story and cite the url?

'website is under construction'... no URL yet. When I have a URL I'll post it. They make leotards out of coloured lycra, metallic spandex, with a low- or high-cut neckline, thong or normal briefs lower back, vest-style back/shoulders or swimming costume style narrow back for maximum arm movement. What I'm basically saying is that you say what style/pattern you want, they make it! :)

I have posted 2 pics of the leotards I have bought. They are extremely comfortable.

Would love to see the leotard. I can only see the pictures if we are friends. Can you add me to your circle?

They have white leotards on ebay now - userID fablaswales, or item no. 290910691203. They also have a selection of leggings, hot pants, lace knickers...give them a go, you won't be disappointed.

Ohh, leggings....Lane Bryant has a buy one get one sale going on. Stopped in on Saturday to shop and asked about them. Yesterday I ordered several on line.

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