Why R Lesbians So Cool...coming From A Lesbian

i dont think all lesbians are cool. some are total ******** just like everyone else. I dont get the ones who wear steeltoe boots and plad shirts, butchier than most truck drivers. Theyre hard emotionally...like a man. I also dont get the flaming men who want to go around in dresses wearing make up. Dont get me wrong...its only an opinion. just because i happened to be a gay woman, dont mean i agree with all behaviors in the gay community.
I have however have met extremely cool lesbians, but its all in the attitude.
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i think lesbians are cool because they know how to touch a women sexually and make her feel good

i think lesbians are cool to my name is anne and i am really into women i am 48 years old

I love lesbians. I have one lesbian best friend before so sad she past away ; (

I have a butch girlfriend, and can't believe your being so judgmental about other lesbians in our community. Men aren't all hard emotionally, and either are all butches. (laughs). That's such a generalization. Our community is small enough, being women who love other women, and we all need to try and accept each other, even if we don't agree with the way other lesbians dress, walk, talk, etc. Butches are NOT guys. They are women, just like you and me. My butch has a tough exterior, but is a sweetheart to the people she loves. Society has ALWAYS given her a hard time just because she's butch. On the other hand, I am femme, wear makeup, dress Goth, have tattoos, and I have gotten **** from other lesbians!! I was very offended. I mean, it goes back to the old question, "what does a lesbian look like?" We come in all shapes and sizes, butch, femme, androgynous, etc. Our lives are hard enough; lets all learn to be a little more tolerant of our sisters...

And all lesbians are truly wonderful and superior to straight people. I love them and how they love each other.

They're cool because of their overall confidence in themselves. They love life and live it to the max.

Not all of us hun, some of us are digging out claws into life and holding on for, well, dear life.... Sounded better in my head

I'm a les too and I totally adore lesbians

I think as a lesbian. we should be very open to our communities choices. And well as for you just stick to what you like and don't bash someone for what they like.

Yes and very political in promoting and encouraging lesbianism as a better way of being.