Lesbians Know "there Is No Rush"

Although I have never been sexually involved with a male in my life friends of mine that are bi tell me most guys are in a hurry to "****".
The reason lesbians are the hottest bed partners is we know to take our time and enjoy each and every aspect of love making. I love the scent of a woman, the taste of the sweat beads on her breasts and the sight of her clitoris. I love to kiss and may spend half the night making out and gently touching her skin. It may be hours (if time allows) before our vaginias come into play. According to my friends your lucky if you get 15 minutes of forplay and half of that time they are trying to finger you.
Lesbian sex is soft, erotic and sensual. (Usually, not to say I havent ****** quickly when hot enough to fry an egg).
For the most part I try to please my partner and put my needs on the back burner til she has got off.
I would love to hear from other lesbians and bi chicks about this.
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If anyone wants to know how to make love to a woman, all they have to do is watch about a dozen top quality lesbian **** clips. They are the best. Even the professionals who are being paid to eat ***** are REALLY into what they're doing. As thighhighchick said, they are in no hurry. Most men just can't see past the ends of their own dicks when it comes to female arousal. The fact that lesbians have the same plumbing doesn't hurt either. I am not embarrassed to say that lesbians are my role models. I have bought many a lesbian a beer just so I could pick their brains. The best compliment in bed I ever got was when a bisexual woman told me that I kissed and ate ***** just like a woman.

Yes, guys take it too fast too often. That is alright every once in a while but I want to be wooed.


u r right... n i agree to u... lesbian is really very erotic n sensual.....

Yes they are I love watching **** when I'm all dressed up in my sexy clothes and playing with myself for having someone play with me

I actually think you are the female version of me !! my backburners are always on hold for someone elses pleasures

im sure you do all those stuff but how will you compare if thats really true if you never feel any **** to your ***** and only use ***** with it...is lesbian not with *****?hhmmm funny?

Great story! Thanks for posting it. I've had one sexual encounter with a woman. At times it was extremely intense, and fast! It was a one night thing. I've never been in a long term relationship with a woman where both people can become comfortable together in bed, but that's what I want. To have a partner I know well and can feel comfortable enough with that we could just have foreplay for an hour if we wanted to.<br />
<br />
I've been with many guys in my life and in my experience non of them were interested in foreplay that lasted any longer than ten minutes, and even that would be pushing it. Even my husband who I've been married to for eight years is worse than the guys I was with when I was in my early twenties. He won't even do romantic things with me like slow dancing. I want someone who I can have sensual and romantic experiences with other than just or**sms. I think women are a lot more sensual than men. I think we experience a lot of things in sensual ways.

I can only imagine what it would be like to make love to a woman.......Mmmmmmmmm<br />
I look forward to my first time and subsequent times. All I know is I will have trouble being with be my husband sexually ever again ;)

Oh, so very true. But speaking from experience, not every guy is in a rush!<br />
<br />
*Sigh* That isn't to say the understanding touch of a woman isn't something to be envious about at times though.

"It may be hours (if time allows) before our vaginas come into play" I disagree with your statement that 'most' guys are in a hurry to '****', but you are right about foreplay. I've never been intimate with a women, but now that I think about it, no matter how much a guy is into nipples, legs or kissing, at least one of his hands wanders down between my legs after a couple of minutes because he thinks that's the only place he can touch to make me shiver...

We make the hottest lovers because we are not fixated on one part of the body. We know the skin is one enormous, beautiful sexual organ and we take our time in feasting and heightening all our senses and those of our lovers. Lesbian love is gentle, thoughtful, generous and considerate. Your pleasure is entirely linked to that of your partner and making love to her in the right spirit binds you in a beautiful and true friendship. xx

You have explained if perfectly


WOW.....I dream of a night like that. It has yet to become a reality for me though. I am actively seeking a lover but no luck so far as they have all chickened out when our date approaches :-(

Dont look for love. Make fruends and love will find you

I have too many friends that really like me but don't love me that way. It's such a hopeless place to be!

I'm with riveria. :( I think. but reading this makes me waaaant it! Thanks for sharing how it cant be.