Chapter 4.5

With too many naked bodies standing around the headquarter tables, Dasmuggler shakes his head in disbelief and says, "What the ****?!"

He then reaches into his pocket, where he grabs a vile of meds and shakes the bottle at CK and Moo.

He smiles and motions for us to follow him as he walks away.

Surprised, CK and Moo look at each other and smile.  Simultaneously shouting, "FINALLY!!" as they run after Dasmuggler.

The rest of the superheroes/naked dudes and dudettes/aliens have absolutely no idea what just happened.  After a moment of silence and confused looks, they begin arguing and debating and running about naked. 

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Glowing boobs don't always mean chip implantation.

Glowing boobs is a sure sign of chip implantation. Moomouse - if you can, please write tomorrows chapter. Of if CK or DS want to that's fine. Thanks - and to Dasmuggler, "I had a ^&&%$#%#@ up day today. ha ha ha

Will our boobs be glowing the in the pics?

ah meds.... lovely

Magic beans = Pills.....*evil grin*

Magic beans!!!!!!!!!