Commander Pushky is still missing.  He took all the damned space alien chips so we are out of business here at the ****OLE headquarters.  Oh well.  Maybe he banished me from the WEIRDO space alien group.  If so I will be looking for antoher group to bore with all my lame stories.  Anyone got any suggestions?  While we are waiting I would like for you to read the below and answer.


Suppose  a five year old girl was walking down the street and an atheist were walking down the other side carrying a cardboard box of Satanic material and the box spilled, knocking the little girl to the ground, when a big pit bull dog approached and growled at the girl while the Atheist was chanting devil chants and trying to summon Satan and then the local priest came running with his crucifix and the atheist cursed him and told him he had extramarital sex and didn't care if it were right or wrong and the priest . . . . 

Would the almighty give a **** about it?

levin60kitty levin60kitty
2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Only if tithing is involved!

Miss bebe - sure, it would be fun. I killed all of them but you can bring them back to life. That's what I love about writing - I can make it up. ha ha