Can Capitalism Save Me?

My 12 year old car needs to be replaced - I can hope to get another year from it, but with duct tape holding the door together, antil lock breaks are out and the bumper is falling off...I just don't know how much longer it will really last.  I'm working 2 jobs, so our vacation this summer had to be canceled.    My son's 27th birthday draws nigh and I must make another decision.  I put him through college and made sure he got a degree in the field of his choice.  I am not a rich man, but I love my son, when he got out, he couldn't find a good job, so for the past four years, I have paid his rent, utilities and groceries.  I've given him a weekly allowance and done what I can to keep him comfortable.  Now, his 27th birthday looms and I must decide whether to pay for his health insurance or leave him as one of the millions of uninsured.  My wife and I are getting ready to put another child through college, so the expense of his insurance is really going to hurt us.  To top it all off, we are quite nervous that the Bush tax cuts are going to disappear so our paychecks will be lower next year!  We are at our wits end and would be ever so greatful for a bit of wisdom!!!  

2 points of view!  Read what the socialist say about my scenario.  EP Link

PS - i didn't realize how many fools don't understand the Bush Tax Cuts... they were across the board tax cuts... The middle class enjoyed the greatest reduction (about 10% while the upper class got around 5%)  President Obama has proposed allowing only the rich people's taxes to expire... but unless Congress specifically acts, the middle class is going to get WHACKED in January.  Fine ... you believe Congress will act... but until they do, all of us need to consider our money THEIRS.  When they do, you will be a proud American where you pay 15% of your income and your hard working rich neighbors have the honor of paying 35%... I'm sure I'll be very proud of ourgreat nation with equity for all... but at least they'll keep working to give us jobs since we haven't quite taken all of it yet!  (35% to Feds, 15% to social security ... they are the employers so they have to pay both halves... 10% to the state...3% to property tax and 7% sales tax - NON MATH PEOPLE ... that's  35+15+10+3+7 = TWO THIRDS of their hard work... but relax, they don't deserve it and they sure don't need a poor man like me to stand up and try to be their champion.

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Penguins belong on the Stanley Cup trophy. What a shame the guy loves a great team but is too stupid to understand their success and his joy is born of capitalism not socialism.

Yeah, Penguins won really ticked me off... How do you read about my duct taped car and assume I'm rich?

No way buddy! It isn't too much to hope for! I like your style. What we need to do is "buy" some normal folk. Listen to our founding fathers and refuse to allow politicians to change our world. Term limits - Toss out the bastards that are soaking us and send some willing folk to fix our problems. When they appear to be misleading us... toss them to... Like any child, they will learn. Over the last 30 years they have learned that we are dumb and easy to lead where ever they go... toss them all out in November and create a new culture in Washington. One that doesn't necessarily do what we say, but does what is right and needed. One that our founding fathers would be pleased by. We shouldn't HAVE to pay so much attention, but while we were sleeping evil people sold us several bills of goods ... the left sold us class envy and racial hatred while the Republicans got in bed with short term financial gains. (both sides are sick)

Penguinswon, i won't delete your comment since it just proves how illiterate you are and my friends will see it and know that you not only don't read - you don't know anything about the Bush Tax Cuts and are still willing to run a fool's mouth to prove that no thought from your head is worth listening to. Get a life and stay in groups where people are stupid enough to believe your tripe.<br />
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frustrated tiger... buying the politicians has nothing to do with R or D. The world is not tilted to the rich. My family is far from rich and we are doing great. We can take pleasures that the rich will never know. I got a $400 windfall from my employer yesterday and a rich man was never as happy as I. My son, unlike the ficticious son above, has worked so hard to get through college and has earned awards and accolades that no rich man will ever appreciate. Myself, I have a reasonable life and I am happy. Those that would begruge the rich for working hard enough to own a company and give them a job have been brainwashed by the left.<br />
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The tyranny of democracy begins when the people realize they can vote themselves rewards from the public coffers. Using this power, their greed will entitle them to that which they haven't earned and society will crumble to autocracy. THIS is known fact among the liberals and lefties that desire power and control. They are not there because they love you... they have tricked you so they can tell you what to do and they can be the only ones to live rich. Buddy, if you think Obama isn't paying off GE much the same as Bush paid of Oil interests, your head is in the sand.

if you're making the kind of income that the bush tax cuts protected, you are rich.... stop whining.

BTW - you have no idea how much I personally gift to my neighbor who also receives federal funding from my taxes... I know what crumbs are and 800 billion a year in untouchable crumbs are plenty of crumbs. i don't want to take away my neighbor's crumbs, just put him in a position to try a bit harder to get back on his feet.

frustrated tiger, I'm afraid you have a valid point about the wars. Your discussion on tax cuts seems a bit off to me. I'm a math man... I don't see how a person paying about 30% of their income to the feds can be yelled about when you and I pay 10%. Someone has looked at the numbers and sold you a bill of goods and made you believe you should be entitled to their hard earned wealth. We already force them to give 2x and 3x as much as we do in percent... 10x - 20x as much in actual dollars and you would say they are being treated more fairly than you?

:) No, it takes you to the same story posted as Can Socialism Help Me? The point is that those on the right will tell me that my son needs to stand up and be a man. Those on the left will probably tell me to let the government help. My son is a man and I would do what I've said above... because my family wouldn't lean on you to help us... but he has worked hard and has made himself wildly successful. I was simply personifying the situation in our country. Most of us would gladdly help my son up...for a period of time and then expect him to be a man. We are currently being told that we are not doing enough for those who can't or won't. AND now my son needs me to pay for his insurance. EXCUSE ME... but at some point, I need to replace my car and take a few days off from 2 jobs. (those parts are very true!)

In the meantime, we will be taxed to death and the little bit we get will disappear to taxes! Oh, that's right, they are not raising taxes, just getting rid of the tax cuts and charging new fees/taxes on other things besides income (ie insurance benefits and goods)<br />
Actually, sarge, the link takes you to the same story in a liberal group/experience to see the contrast of answers between this group and that group but they have not left any comments yet so it looks like it comes right back to here!