Love Thy Neighbor?

I live and work in the heart of a government subsidized area. I am a rich man in the neighborhood because I make a good living and am a bit above the national median. Besides, giving me the knowledge to personally know what I'm talking about here, I have the added benefit of buying new lawn equipment every other year, because my neighbors felt entitled to take from the rich guy.

Now, living in a neighborhood of lovely left wing idealists... which neighbor does the truly down and out neighbor turn to for respect and aid in his time of need? When the month is drawing to a close and his government check is gone...who is willing to throw on their shoes and take him to the store to buy his needs and then looking at a well kept lawn, finds enough fault in it to let him cut it again... “I love the way you take such great care of us and allow me the honor of a well kept lawn” (white lie... but really it would be too demeaning to force him to accept a hand out) Lefties think they own the moral high ground on this issue... but I've lived and worked on the battlefield for most of my life and I can tell you … a righty actually practices what they preach.

married2bf married2bf
46-50, M
Jul 30, 2010