The Growing Up Years

When I was a baby my sister and brother and I were taken out of our parents home and placed with our dad's sister which she was mom to us all. But cuz of my real mother having an illness that made her unloving she would always take court action to try and get us back or taken out of our loved home. When I was only 7 yrs old she told me that I was a mistake to be ever be born. So I started to refuse to go see her on the visits. And the social worker that we had came and said if you don't go to see your mother then you could be removed out of your loved home. So many times I felt like running away or killing myself just to make the pain stop, But my Angel from God was watching out for me. And when I was 14 yrs old I had a baby of my own, and that was the beginnig of many foster homes for the courts said that I had conduted myself in a manner which was injurious to myself and others. So I learned at a very young age that indeed life can be cruel but at the same time it is very much worth living.

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without the darkness, we would never know the light.<br />
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I think the best we can do in life is acheive some balance between the two.