Confusing Dream

i had a dream last night that makes me wonder. i have a friend name jv and i know i am in love with him but the sadest thing is, that he thinks of me as a sister/friend. Any ways my dream starts like this- me and jv are hanging out at my place and obviously nothing is happening between us, we became bored and walked outside to a small park with a bench. there was another guy (around our age) who was hanging around with a goup of friends and he started talking to me. Jv as always didnt act like he cared. the other guy started saying weird things like " your my girl" and " are you dating him behind my back". the weirdest thing is that i dont know who he was so i said " we are not dating" and then i said " i am not your girl". as the situation got wierder my friend named chaan (girl) came out of nowhere and said " hey, so you met my boyfriend". i was surprised and angry cause i hate cheaters! and told chaan what he said,i also told her " you should keep your man in check", everyone at the table laughing and i left pushing jv along and then i woke up. The dream confused me and broke my heart because not even in my dreams can the man i love be jealous and love me back.
mimmak mimmak
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013