Oh My God...im So Dam Sorry...

sh** sh** sh** sh** sh** sh**

im sorry but i have to...

Its been awhile since i came on EP, and im sorry for waiting so long. But, the reason to that is:
1)the hospital
2)Dam Ex bf

My grandpa died, and because i was "extra" sad about it, and it was too much trauma in my life, i was dumped. My friends have been avoiding me, and i failed my math test. I wanna give up so badly...but i know i dont have the guts to. I want everyones attention for help, but then again i want my own independent time alone so i can cry my eyes out.

Life is too damn complicated.


comment if u want, i dont care..
Aliahxx Aliahxx
13-15, F
Dec 3, 2012