...but you do know what you are going to get.  Just take a knife and cut a small corner off each piece and you can eat the good ones and leave the nasty ones for your sweetie because he will eat anything.

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MMMM l love chocolate more. It is soooooo good. I love to take a piece of smooth chocolate, like dove, and put it on my tongue until it melts.

you want to know definition of the metaphor? <br />
a figure of speech in which an ex<x>pression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity <br />
Metaphor (from the Greek: μεταφορά - metaphora, meaning "transfer") is language that directly compares seemingly unrelated subjects. In the simplest case, this takes the form: "The [first subject] is a [second subject]. ...<br />
something is something else<br />
enough? lol... <br />
if you dont mean something literally...

What's a meta phor?

LOL. maybe just one.

*Bub gives a huuuuuuuuuuuuge box of choclate to Fungirl and force her to eat at least one* lol :)<br />
girl, chocolate releases endorphins! and we want to be happy, dont we? so... lets eat chocs!

LOL I would love some chocolate but i haven't eaten it in way too long.

yea, I understood the metaphor :) *wink*<br />
just.. i need choc this time... :P<br />
best friend.. and maybe later.... one never knows.. :)

lol it sure was a metaphor but you kind of got the picture of what I meant. I meant that if you have a lover you can be assured he will take on all the nastiness of the world for you and help you through. My guy like that is not my lover, he is my best friend.

haha! lol... <br />
or you could sacrifice for your sweetie and eat those nasty ones and leave the yummies for him... just a thought... :P<br />
or.. you can eat it whole and didnt tell him there was a chocolate.... :P<br />
ah... wasnt that story a metaphor??? if yes, then i took it literally... :P


this is great. keep going-hugs!

l try