How Many

how menay people hate birthdays?

just think it could be the last. we should seabrate all our birthdays because its a good time to reameber like if i was to pas on now my mother would say i remeber the time we all went down to dadada you get the point

how many people hate work?

we all do i spose but with out it who would we know? what would we do with our time? stay home and clean the house? become a nerves reack and hide i a shelll for the rest of our lifes?

how many people hate life?

if you apart of this group i have found looking at the positives helps the time pas think of loved ones, think that your needed because we all are in some ways, think of all the crazy things you have done or take a brake from what you hate because i asure u that its not your life you hate its the things in it maby you could change them or look at them positve.

how many people have stuffed up?

i know i have i dosent make life injoyable now dose it? i found that sitting on my dream cloud thinking of how to fix it dosent help at all its just saying how sorry you are or learning from you mistakes and letting it pass (dont think about it yes hard i know i managed) will more than help so try that from the usal techneak called ponering.... 

Rebirth Rebirth
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2007