For Me, It Is!

My life has been rough, but even so, I see it as one huge adventure of life-lessons that I needed. And now my life is getting good! So, the adventure continues and it's a grand one so far! :-)

I have so much to look forward too! Meeting my best pals, Sharon and Philip someday! Flying to Ireland for a visit with them! By the way, my sister is planning to tag along for that one! XD

And also in the near future, going to an anime con to meet my boyfriend Momo for the first time! Also, my sister is tagging along! She says I'll not go to an anime con without her! lol. And she bought herself a kitty hat! :-D

So, it will be so AWESOME! Where my life will take me next? The sky is the limit! And I am ready for the quest! :-)

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Feb 17, 2009