Totally In Love But Wife Is Emotionless.

Let me start by saying that Im an awesome husband, I do everything there is to do, I put my beautiful wife on the highest of all pedastools I worship the ground she walks on and yet no reward.  I don't want a pat on the back, a treat or for her to bow down to be, but I feel I should be treated like a KING.  Here I am raising two beautiful kids that aren't mine, Im taking them to school Im raising them as my own, and not to say she is a bad mom, she just comes off as emotionless, the kids are afraid to talk to her, Im afriad to talk to her at times because she just blows up, like instant explosives.  I know she had a past history with drugs and is in total denial about ever having a problem, it shows bigtime, I would like to talk to her about it but she would snap.  I guess I stay because I've never been in love,   I was in two 7 year relationships and never felt this way after only two years, we are happily married, but at times its like my wife is shallow, emotionless, controlling,  she has no life goals, no hobbys, no dreams, all she wants to do is watch tru tv and smoke pot and sleep, How do I put fire under her *** and get her to appreciate me, I AM the Catch, I changed my whole life for her and she doesn't even realize it.  I could cheat, lie, and just leave, but my heart won't let me...........Just venting
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Ease don't take this wrong. I don't know you at all. But a woman wants a man to be a man. There is nothing wrong with treating your woman right, and you should. But with that said if you have given your wife all the power in the relationship then she will start to lose respect for you as the man. Again not judging you in any way, but if you have not take the initiative and start making decisions about things around the house, in the bed room, about daily decisions. A woman wants to know that her husband is there for her not there to go along with the flow. Just saying.

Thanks for your feedback! Things are looking a lil better, weathering the storm.

my husband treats me the same way you treat your wife. As for myself I think I was traumatized by my parents divorce when I was 13. It affected me profoundly...I don't believe anyone could love me I don't feel worthy of it. I think I push my husband away and am at times "emotionless" because I want him to leave me. I don't think he is the man for me or that any man could be for me. So I put up a wall to keep him away. I am married but lonely at times. Maybe your wife is putting up a wall for what ever reason. I wish you happiness everyone deserves that.