So, Why Does It Hurt So Much

i am 50 yrs old.  so why do i care that some fat assed connected man wont say hi to me?  i have learned that not everyone willlike u in this life.  and i have learned to deal with that.  i just hate unpleasantness.  i have had enough it.  he was the second person to appear at my daughters wake,he gave me a christmas card??????????????  and he cant say hello?   i dont get it. it does bother me, but a friend of mine told me to ignore him and let him wonder, so i wasted another couple of days doing that, then i walked by his desk and said HI  XXXXX and the look of shock on his face was worth it.   i dont care anymore.
still dont like it but whatever. life is too short.

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Ya, i agree with the "oh well" . cause if that was really the only thing i had to worry about i would be so happy. after your innocence is gone, you just dont seem to care the same about dumb things like u used to. even if the dumb thing was an important dumb thing, ya know what i mean?<br />
oh well. lol lol

Ah... he was a coworker. My experience with coworker 'friends' are they tend to be flaky or flighty .. something 'happens' and they're not friendly anymore so I try not to take them seriously.<br />
<br />
I'd hope after 18 years of knowing someone they'd at least try to get an apology or explanation regarding the offending situation. I knew someone in college who supposedly didn't like me based on something I said at one time - this was told to me by a common friend. I never did find out what I said to offend this person. Oh well.

i kinda forgot to say it was a co-worker, as i just read my little ditty. yep, we will never understand i guess. one time when i was in like 12th grade, or maybe college, ya college, i went to a dude ranch with my friends, about 7-8 of them.. i took a pill. it was called a qualude at the time. i had never done it and never did again, incidently, as i guess i just blacked out, cause i woke up in the bathtub at 3 inthe morning with my clothes on in the bathtub wtih my boyfriend at the time? all i remember is running around with soap and cups, like a person selling things at a sports event, yelling soap or what ever it was for sale. i remember nothing else. everyone else was sleeping and the next morning, we were in two rooms, i dont remember if the girl i offended was in my room or not, but she had been my friend for 18 years!! she didnt speak to me for 2 years, i still dont know what i did. she started talking to me when my mother married one of her best friends dad, at their wedding. we were all friends. she still has an additude issue. she is a grudge holder. oh well. hope u see my comment. peace

I'll never understand the behavior of some people. Something similar happened to someone I know - they were friends with a neighbor who all of a sudden wouldn't talk to my friend anymore. They were both at a funeral at a later time, when my friend said hello to this person, the shock on their face was interesting looking.