Everyday I wake up feeling self hatred. I feel like I am lonely amd nobody truely wants to be with me. I can let anyone into my real life because I feel like if I tell them they will judge and not want to be apart of my life anymore. I have trouble making new friends. most people who I meet are so fake. How ever I am the exact opposite I will tell people exactly how I feel about them. Honesty is a good trait to have. But I feel like in some cases it pushes ppl away from me because I can be a lil too honest. And sometimes socially awkward. I have no girl bestfriend. Instead it is a guy. I havr always seemed to get aling with guys alot better then girls they dont seem to be so petty. I only have a few friends honestly the others I say are aqauntinances because they truely don't care about me or my well being. I don't know how to attract more friends. Most people who I can seem to relate ti are druggies but I will not put myself down the road of addiction. I am much better then thaf I use to smoke marijuana everyday for 3 straight years no longer do I do that. Whether ppl say its a drug ot not it still changes your behaviours. I feel lost in the world on how to correct the situations I have been put in
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18-21, F
1 Response Oct 10, 2012

You sound like me...I'm way older than you..but if you ever wanna talk, I'm here.